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 The New T1 is Arriving 2025. 

 The New T1 is Arriving 2025. 

 The New T1 is Arriving 2025. 

 The New T1 is Arriving 2025. 

 The New T1 is Arriving 2025. 

 The New T1 is Arriving 2025. 

Giving you more of
what you love.

You expect San Diego’s airport to have all the best that our sunny, binational region has to offer – easy check-in, delicious local food, light-filled spaces, a view of the bay, interesting artwork, enhanced access to and from the airport, and good feelings every step of your journey. After many years of extensive community outreach and input, we’re creating a new terminal that reflects all the things we love about our region.


Lane Security Checkpoint


Restaurants and Retail Stores




EV Charging Stations


Parking Spaces


Late 2021

Airport Authority broke ground on New T1

Late 2023

New Administration Building opened

Late Summer 2024

New T1 Parking Plaza Stage 1 scheduled to open with 2,800 spaces

Late Summer 2025

Phase 1A of New T1, including new 19 gates, and Parking Plaza Stage 2 scheduled to open

Early 2028

Phase 1B of New T1 scheduled to open, including final 11 gates

Great things are on the way.

When Terminal 1 opened in 1967, it served 2.5 million passengers in its first year. In 2019, the same facility served approximately 11 million passengers. Today, SAN is the busiest single-runway commercial airport in the nation. For about half of our passengers, Terminal 1 provides their first — and sometimes last — impression of San Diego. We want it to be a great one.

See how time flies.

Our current Terminal 1 was built for a 1967 San Diego, a time and place with fewer people, planes, and passports (but just as much sunshine, surf, and sea). In the past three years, we’ve held more than 100 community meetings and listened closely to what you wanted from a New T1. The result? A state-of-the-art terminal inspired by the people and places we love about San Diego.

Let’s take a look at where we’ve been over the years, and where we’re headed.

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